Kathy Litton RSVP Volunteer in Scott County & United Way RSVP Trailblazers Advisory Council Member

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United Way of the Bluegrass volunteers focus their efforts in many different areas of our community. Kathy Litton has served as an RSVP volunteer since the end of 2010, and is now also a member of the RSVP Trailblazers Advisory Council. 
Kathy shared her experience with our team: 
"Volunteering as a RSVP trailblazer has provided a lot of happiness for me. It's exciting to see the students learn new concepts or have 'light bulb moments.' I look forward to Wednesdays when I help 2nd graders with math. I was taken aback when one little boy had an answer and it was over 1,000. He stood up and laughed, and was so excited. That was a brand new number for him.  I had forgotten that feeling. Helping our youth should be experienced by everyone. I am glad I did."
Thank you for your continued dedication to supporting students in Scott County and beyond, Kathy!