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Community Impact


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About United Way of the Bluegrass

United Way of the Bluegrass (UWBG) works to create the opportunity for all members of our community to have a better life. We focus on the building blocks of a good life — a quality education, financial stability for individuals and families, and good health. The work of UWBG focuses on strategic initiatives, public education, advocacy, outcomes and evaluation, development and strengthening of partnerships/ collaborations, convening, resource mobilization and investment as well as backbone and engagement strategies and activities. We bring together the voices, the expertise, and the resources to define, articulate and implement a common agenda for change for our region. That is what it means to "Live United" in Central Kentucky.


The role of the Director, 211 Development and Operations (Director) is to provide leadership for UWBG in all aspects of its 211 agenda. The Director leads all relevant 211 programming including staff coordination, service delivery, data collection, program evaluation, fund development, and grant compliance.  The Director pursues additional resources to maintain and expand 211 operations. S/he develops and executes a comprehensive fundraising plan designed to maintain a fully funded 211 program and to exceed requisite operational funding.


The Director is a subject-matter expert on area nonprofit and social services agencies and programs and is a key advisor and strategist within the Community Impact Department.  The Director oversees all additional components of the daily operation of 211.




  • Leads the development and implementation of the 211 strategic vision in coordination with the Vice President, Community Impact (VP,CI).

  • Develops relationships with key stakeholders and leverages those relationships to advance the mission and revenue development of 211. 

  • Creates a strategic vision for sustainability of UWBG’s 211 agenda, including fundraising goals, and grant/contract acquisition goals.

  • Builds and leverages relationships with key current and potential funders in order to fully fund and/or exceed requisite funding for 211 operations.

  • Effectively allocates appropriate UWBG resources in order to achieve maximum utility, particularly as it relates to service integration and 211.

  • Oversees negotiations and agreements with Kentucky’s telephone providers, particularly as it relates to the maintenance or activation of translations.

  • As a social-services subject matter expert, provides thought leadership on all Community Impact Department initiatives.

  • Drives the integration of 211 into all CI programming, initiatives, and partnerships.


  • Maintains 100% sustainability of 211 through securing grants, contracts, sponsorships, etc. that fund the complete operations of the program.

  • Uses existing relationships with United Ways, government entities, etc. and develops new relationships with United Ways, government entities, and other private and public partners to market and sell 211 capacity and services.

  • Maintains and expands the current set of contractual relationships to provide 211 services locally, regionally, and nationally.

  • Understands and commits to the concept that development is and will always be a top priority of the Director to sustain and grow the 211 program.

  • Through partnerships and the use of marketing and sales skills transforms the 211 program into a profitable internal program offered by UWBG.


  • Identifies and cultivates partnerships and relationships with potential funders and fee-for-service partners, leveraging those relationships as a part of his/her strategic fundraising plan.

  • In coordination with stakeholders, crafts and implements an annual and a quinquennial strategic plan, or using whatever timeframe the VP, CI determines is meaningful and necessary.

  • Oversees branding and marketing efforts related to 211, with an eye toward fund development in partnership with UWBG Marketing department.

  • Evaluates performance periodically and reports out to various stakeholders on relevant metrics.

  • Serves as a social-services expert in consulting with community partners and area social-services organizations.


  • Develops and executes a comprehensive strategic fundraising plan that may include contracts, grants, and/or other contributions.

  • Leads strategic efforts related to all 211 work.  S/he guides program implementation, expansion, and maintenance with a sound strategic vision, and an eye toward fund development.

  • Serves as the chief managerial authority and signatory for all 211 programs and staff.

  • Develops meaningful relationships with a variety of community and state level partners.  Leverages partnerships to advance the mission of 211, and secure additional revenue streams when appropriate.

  • Serves as a CI Department leader, with a comprehensive vision for the department’s strategy, role, performance, and objectives – s/he is a key member of CI Department leadership.



  • Assumes complete oversight authority for the daily operation of the 211 call center.

  • Continually improves operational efficiency of service integration initiatives, revises policies, procedures, systems, etc. to create additional efficiencies.

  • Oversees maintenance of existing database systems with a constant eye toward potential improvements.

  • Ensures that 211 staffing levels are sufficient to handle anticipated call volumes at all times.

  • Oversees development and delivery of trainings at a variety of levels, including those for staff and partners.

  • Maintains 211 call center’s physical infrastructure and leads on procurement of any additional resources.

  • Manages hiring and staffing processes for all service integration initiatives.

  • Directs monitoring and evaluation efforts for all service integration functions, including 211, and responds to requests for information from executive staff.

  • Staffs appropriate committees of the UWBG Board of Directors.

  • Oversees implementation of 211 related activities in to other departmental and organizational function areas.



  • Represents 211 and/or UWBG’s CI Department at meetings, events, presentations, and other such activities as requested or required.

  • Other duties as assigned.


❖LEADERSHIP – Visionary leader who can develop goals and strategies and productively leverage

partnerships for community engagement and contributions. Entrepreneurship: A creative, critical thinker, self-motivated. Enthusiasm: High energy individual with an infectious ‘can-do’ attitude and an obvious sense of urgency; passionate about citizen mobilization and community change.


❖MISSION-FOCUSED - A top priority is to create real social change that leads to better lives and healthier communities. This competency drives performance and professional motivations.


❖RELATIONSHIP ORIENTED - Understands that people come before process and is astute in cultivating and managing relationships toward a common goal.


❖COLLABORATOR - Understands the roles and contributions of all sectors of the community and can mobilize resources (financial and human) through meaningful engagement.


❖RESULTS-DRIVEN - Dedicated to shared and measurable goals for the common good, creating, resourcing, scaling, and leveraging strategies and innovations for broad investment and impact.


❖BRAND STEWARD - A steward of the brand and understands his/her role in growing and protecting the reputation and results of the greater network.



❖STRATEGIC COMMUNITY COLLABORATION - The Director engages diverse stakeholders to accurately and effectively assess community needs and, with credibility, authenticity, and humility, strategically guides United Way to contribute to the community’s priorities. Influences and inspires community leaders (e.g., individuals, corporate, government, etc.) to partner with UWBG.


❖DEEP COMMUNITY EXPERTISE - The Director is an expert on community issues and challenges who has thorough knowledge of the data trends, research, and environment and community stakeholders. Proactively works to identify and address complex issues by providing leadership around gathering, interpreting, and using relevant data to inform and drive strategy development.


❖PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION - The Director understands the community and the philanthropic interests of donors and investors. Identifies community strategies to connect with the interests of various investors and develops solutions and products as investment opportunities to connect donor aspirations with community needs.


❖ADVOCACY AND PUBLIC POLICY - The Director works with community leaders and elected officials to build on the United Way mission and advocates on education, impact and health issues. Encourages partner organizations to engage in advocacy and to support issues important for the community.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in social work, organizational management, related field required, or experience equivalent. 

  • Familiarity with 211 and/or call center operations preferred and can be exchanged for education. 

  • 2-3 years of experience in a nonprofit or human services environment required.  

  • 3-5 years of supervisory experience.

  • Reliable transportation is necessary.  

  • Strong organizational skills.

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.

  • Strong project management skills with timely and consistent attention to follow up.

  • Personal leadership within a team environment – multi-tasker, self-motivated and takes initiative, shares credit and takes responsibility for actions.

  • Effective problem solver and decision maker.

  • Computer literate: MS Office Suite; database knowledge a plus.


The employee is regularly required to communicate clearly, in oral and written formats, with others in person, over the phone and via other devices. The employee must be able to transcribe, read extensively, prepare and analyze data and figures, operate a computer and other standard office machinery. The employee is required to travel regularly to locations outside of UWBG facilities to set up displays and presentations in both physical and electronic forms. The employee must have the ability to lift, carry, push, and/or pull objects weighing up to 50lbs.




The position is full-time and exempt, with full benefits. Compensation commensurate with experience. 



Please send resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to hr@uwbg.org