Track child development

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Every parent wants their child to be healthy and develop new skills as expected for the child’s age. Children grow, develop, and learn throughout their lives and you as a parent can help monitor your child’s development to make sure your child is meeting milestones in all of these key areas. Every child is different and will develop at his or her own pace but if your child is not developing properly, you can take the necessary steps to help your child reach his or her full potential.
The Ages & Stages program offered through United Way can help you learn about your child’s development and identify potential delays as early as possible. The Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ) provide a fun, interactive way to understand the many changes a child goes through.
You can begin the program at any age prior to your child’s fifth birthday. Participation in this program is entirely voluntary and at no cost to you.
To begin the process complete the Online Ages and Stages Enrollment Form (opens in a new window) or call 2-1-1. At the appropriate age, a questionnaire will be mailed to you. A postage paid envelope will be included so you can return the completed questionnaire to United Way.
If the completed questionnaire shows that your infant, toddler or preschooler is developing on schedule, we will send you a letter telling you so and enclose some fun activities for you and your child to enjoy. We will mail the next age level questionnaire to you at the appropriate time.
If the completed questionnaire leads to a concern about your child’s development, a we will contact you to discuss those concerns. You may then choose to have their child’s development evaluated through an early childhood agency. If so, we can help you with this process.
For questions or to begin now, call 2-1-1.