Bluegrass Community Connectors

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"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
     - Margaret Mead

Central Kentuckians have come together to recognize Bluegrass Community Connectors – those who ‘get things done’ in our community. The Bluegrass Community Connectors were identified as:


Denise Adams  Tom Harris Van Meter Pettit
Lisa Adkins  Debra A. Hensley  Graham Pohl
Karen Anderson  Christy Hiler  Becky Priest
E. Joy Arnold  Lynn Hisle  Brian Privett
Steve Austin Mike Hockensmith  Ryan Quarles
 Angela Baldridge  Liza Holland  Bob Quick, CCE
 Robbi Barber  Janet Holloway  Ginny Ramsey
 Teresa Barton  Phil Holoubek  JoEllen Reed
 Cathy Boone  Grant Horner  John Rennels
 Ron Borkowski  Jim Host  Pam Rice
 Ed Burtner  Lori Rowland Houlihan  Harry Richart
 Maria F. Bush  Erin Michelle Howard  Rona Roberts
 Bonnie Clark  Andrea James  Warren Rogers
 Nancy Calix  Mark Johnson  Dan Roller
 Sandra Noble Canon  Carol Jones  Robert Ryan
 Chief David Charles  Steve Kay  Ben Self
 Opal Clark  Kris Kimel  Pauline Shackleford
 Beverly Clemons  David Kitchen  Stu Silberman
 Carmen Combs  Deborah Moore Knittel  Austin Simms
 Jack Conner  Jodie Koch  Mike Sparks
 David Coomer  Greg Lakes  David Sperow
 John Cooper  Bud Lane  Alan Stein
 Kip Cornett  Cay Lane  Nancy Stone
 David Cozart  Gina Lang  Kim Sweazy
 Judy Crowe  Bill Lear  Harold Tate
 Marilyn Daniel  Kent S. Lewis  Fran Taylor
 Ms. Terry Davidson  Pearse Lyons  Isabel Gereda Taylor
 Kenny Davis Jr.  Sherry Maddock  Pam Thomas
 Luther Deaton  Bruce T. Manley  Randy Thomas
 Jessica Dodgen  Tom Martin  Lee Todd
 Diana Wells Doggett  Ronda May  Tanya Torp
 Richard Eads  Jay McChord  Darby Turner
 Jim Embry  Everett McCorvey  Tim Turner
 Bill Farmer  Kim Menke  Rev. Dr. Keith Tyler
 James Ferrell  Griffin Van Meter  Gabe Uebel
 Tommy Floyd  David Montgomery  Brian Walton
 Eric Geary  Dianna Moore  Theodore Ware, Jr.
 Marion Gibson  Ms. Robbie Morgan  Therese Warrick
 Yvonne Giles  Aaron Mosley  Kevin Weaver
 Lisa Gilliam  Knox Van Nagell  Dudley Webb
 Emanuel Gilpin  Laura Nagle  Woodford Webb
 Linda Gorton  Jim Newberry  Jon Weece
 Jim Gray  LaFleesha Patton  Dan Wills
 Lauren Greathouse Burlile  Tracy Pearce  Anthony Wright
 Dean C. Hammond Jr.  Rebecca Peck  Lu Young
 Lyle S. Hanna  PG Peeples Jacqueline L. Zeller 
The project recognized 144 individuals for their commitment, though six asked to remain anonymous. These individuals were identified through a public nomination process. The project began in August 2011. More than 5,000 nominations were received during a five month process from late August through January which sought input from all areas of the regional community. While people throughout the state were identified, the majority of nominations were from a 10 county area in Central Kentucky: Anderson, Bourbon, Clark, Fayette, Franklin, Jessamine, Madison, Montgomery, Scott and Woodford. Each of these communities identified trusted leaders who get things done.

Bluegrass Community Connectors

The purpose of the Bluegrass Community Connectors Project is to identify great civic connectors in the Bluegrass region who make significant things happen in our communities. Bringing these individuals together can create the synergy necessary to advance our common good like never before.
“Change can only come about by a committed group of citizens,” said United Way President Bill Farmer. “We want these individuals to know their commitment to our community is important to all of us. And we want them to have the opportunity to get to know each other – to build relationships that can result in true change in our community.”
Connectors had the opportunity to meet for the first time as a group on Tuesday, June 12. These Connectors discussed the importance of their recognition, issues facing the community and how they, as recognized leaders, can work together to improve Central Kentucky.
“When you put smart people together, when you put people who are doers and active leaders together, great things happen,” said Lyle Hanna, president of Hanna Resource Group and a volunteer leader in the Bluegrass Community Connector Project. “When you put one and one together, often you get three.”
The project is made possible through the generous support of AARP, PNC, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Trapp Communications, KEMI, Columbia Gas of Kentucky, Kentucky Eagle Beer, Scott United, Herald-Leader, Insight Communications, WKYT, WTVQ, WLEX, Georgetown New Graphic, Smiley Pete Publishing, Kentucky Forward, and WUKY.

Special thanks to AARP for sponoring the Community Connectors Luncheon.