It Matters to...Miah

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Meet Miah.  Miah is a happy, healthy kindergartener who loves painting and learning her numbers.

Miah and her family can count themselves among the Central Kentucky community members who are self-sufficient, but Miah’s story could have turned out quite differently.  Her mom, Lindsay, was a teen mother with a dream of pursuing her education in order to build a better life for herself and her family. While she had no lack of determination, Lindsay faced a lack of resources, struggling to fulfill the basic needs of her family.

When Lindsay began researching programs that could help support their basic needs, she found that United Way partnered with almost all of the agencies she discovered.  Thanks to United Way and their partner agencies, Lindsay could provide for her family while moving forward with her education. This support allowed her to ultimately achieve self-sufficiency, as well as a PhD.

Without having basic needs met, it is difficult for men, women and children to focus on education and career development that help lead to financial stability.  United Way supporters like you help us connect our community members who seek to fulfill basic needs such as shelter and food for their families with the resources they need.

It is thanks to United Way supporters that Miah is the happy, healthy child she is today. With your continued support, we can help other children and families in our community. Our Big Bold Goal is that 10,000 families in Central Kentucky will become self-sufficient by 2020.

To learn more about Miah’s story in her own words, you can watch the video below. Join us to help more families find the success that comes from having basic needs met in order to support school readiness, student success and ultimately, financial stability. Together we can achieve more!