Big, Bold New Year

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In 2015 you may want to lose weight, read more books, give up sweets or become more organized. Sadly, most of these resolutions last only a couple days, because let’s be honest… who really wants to give up sweets? While many resolutions are focused on bettering yourself, United Way of the Bluegrass suggests a different perspective on betterment. This year, we challenge you to get involved by helping to improve the lives of others in the Central Kentucky community.

Over 40,000 families in Central Kentucky struggle to make ends meet. This means that members of our community are faced with the decision to either pay bills or put food on the table for their families. This is why we have spearheaded a goal that will forever impact Central Kentucky. The goal, dubbed the Big Bold Goal, is to ensure that 10,000 more families will be self-sufficient by 2020.

The Big Bold Goal of United Way of the Bluegrass is focused on building a better life for families in our community. We feel that community and economic success is accomplished by providing basic needs, ensuring school readiness and student success and by helping families achieve financial stability.

How can you get involved? The best way for you to support this initiative is to give, advocate and volunteer with United Way of the Bluegrass. By giving, advocating and volunteering, you can join us in helping to create a safe, educated community, intent on supporting stronger families. 

You can make a difference. Don’t ignore the opportunity to become involved in this special challenge that is sure to change the lives of many families in our community. The Big Bold goal is important because It Matters. It Matters to our community, It Matters to Central Kentucky families. And we hope that in 2015, It Matters to you.

This year, make your resolution MATTER by supporting United Way of the Bluegrass’s Big Bold Goal.