Finding a New Path in the Bluegrass

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Jennifer, who was in her mid-thirties, decided that she needed a change of pace and set out to make a new path in her life. She was a country girl stuck in New York, so she packed up and made her way to Lexington where she established her new roots. After her arrival, the Bluegrass immediately felt like home.

Jennifer made the adjustment to the area and eventually met a romantic interest, Jack.  Jack was a very wealthy day trader that swept her off her feet with beautiful gifts and jewelry. She seemed to be living the life that she had always wanted. After moving in together, Jennifer quickly discovered that Jack was not the man that he previously seemed to be. He would call her names that burned in her head, making her feel like what he said was true. One of the lies he would repeat frequently was, “No one else will ever love you.” Jennifer found herself walking on eggshells in an effort not to make Jack angry.

The verbal and physical abuse continued for several months, and by this time Jack had a strong grip on every aspect of her life. Jennifer did not work, she had no money, her car was not in her name and she had no family in town to turn to. She finally realized that her relationship was not healthy, but she did not know how to leave her unfortunate situation, or where she could go.

A few days before Christmas, Jennifer decided she would no longer tolerate the abuse anymore. She started searching for places to go and while Jack was on a business trip, Jennifer made her way to GreenHouse17, a United Way funded agency. 

Once Jennifer checked into GreenHouse17, she immediately began counseling and joined classes provided by the agency. Jennifer cites these steps as being very important to her because they helped relieve her of the anxiety she came to feel that this had all been her fault. She was able to express her feelings and be encouraged by other women in the program who were going through the same struggles as she was.

Jennifer is so thankful that there was a program in place, such as GreenHouse17 for her to go to. She was welcomed with open arms, and the program helped her become the person she always knew she was capable of becoming. 

Jennifer has since landed on her feet. She has become independent, removed herself from her abusive situation and is now applying for jobs and hopes to start working soon.

Because of your support, Jennifer was able to change her path in life and make a new beginning in the Bluegrass. On behalf of Jennifer, thank you!