School Readiness: Byron’s Story

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Now that we have introduced you to the four pillars for community success, we would like you to meet a real family who has been helped through United Way, because of you. Our donors help support several programs that provide resources and funding to help students achieve school readiness, including Growing Together Preschool. Through the Growing Together Preschool’s partnership with occupational and speech therapists, Byron, a vibrant preschooler, has overcome physical and mental obstacles and is prepared to conquer Kindergarten this year.

Last year, Byron entered the Growing Together Preschool and teachers immediately noticed he was having difficulty with communication and comprehension. Screenings and assessments indicated delays in speech, fine motor and social emotional development. After talking with Byron’s family, Growing Together Preschool helped establish a roadmap for therapy services Bryon needed to help him overcome these obstacles before entering Kindergarten.

Through the process, the family learned that Byron’s Medicaid card would not cover the expenses of the therapy he needed due to their household income. His mother was in tears- what else could she do? Growing Together Preschool did not feel that Byron’s family should be burdened with the stress of figuring out how to pay for his therapy, and through a partnership with Horn and Associates in Rehabilitation, helped secure a scholarship for Byron’s speech and occupational therapy.

Since beginning occupational and speech therapy, Byron’s family and teachers report that he has made amazing improvements. He can now communicate more effectively, which has caused him to become more successful in the classroom. The skills he has gained through therapy and his care at Growing Together Preschool have allowed him to develop as a child that can run, skip and jump on the playground. He has been able to transition from pre-school to the pre-kindergarten class seamlessly.

Thanks to United Way of the Bluegrass’s partnership with Growing Together Preschool, Byron was given an opportunity to experience school as other children do, despite his challenges. United Way of the Bluegrass continues to work with our agency partners to connect families with the resources they need. We look forward to seeing continued progress from Byron and many others who are involved in school readiness programs supported by United Way of the Bluegrass.

Byron’s success is just one example of how you can help make a difference in Central Kentucky. You can see more stories of success on the UWBG blog