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4 Keys to Success

We recently introduced you to United Way of the Bluegrass’s Big Bold Goal that 10,000 Central Kentucky families will be self-sufficient by 2020. You may be wondering how we as a community can have this great of an impact on that many lives. You are probably thinking: Where do we even begin? We feel this goal can be achieved with improvements to four main areas: basic needs, school readiness, student success and financial stability.


“Back on Track” with United Way of the Bluegrass

Travis is larger than life. His personality fills any room he enters. Travis is polite, well-spoken and humble. In high school, he met the girl of his dreams, but was also introduced to partying. Travis describes himself as an extreme person – either all in our all out. He fell in love with his future wife and also began what would become a fifteen-year destructive relationship with alcohol that would change his life forever.


Dedication and Support from United Way Funded Programs Help Casey Achieve Her Dream of Medical School

Casey, a single mother to a well-mannered, two year old boy named Boone, has a college degree and a Masters in dietetics. After working as a dietician for a few years, Casey decided to pursue her dream of going to medical school to become a doctor. She knew she would need a biology degree in order to apply, so she enrolled at the University of Kentucky. Casey was pregnant with her son, Boone, and was facing a difficult journey to make her dream a reality.


Jessica – The Nest

We usually have at least one person in our lives to call when we need help. That person could be a parent, sibling, family member or friend. Jessica, a young mother, used to believe she had two people in the world to call on for help- her husband and her mother- both of whom work up to twelve hour shifts, five days a week.