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Oct 02,2012
 Last Friday evening, I was inspired by broadcaster and journalist Tavis Smiley’s keynote address at Community Action Council’s annual Poverty Forum.  Smiley outlines 12 strategies that could change the face of poverty for the better.  One that struck me as super relevant these days is the development of improvements in our food delivery systems.  Hunger in America is closely aligned with poverty...
Sep 27,2012
 Todd Gambill and William Wilson, members of our Board of Directors, wrote an op-ed piece in the Lexington Herald-Leader today about the importance of education in the community. Check it out here. 
Sep 24,2012
Last week, I joined over 1,200 people gathered in Washington D.C. for the 10th annual Asset Learning Conference. From all over the country, representatives from government agencies, nonprofits, and financial institutions participated in conversations about helping community members develop assets. So, what’s the big deal? Why do these people care about community members attaining and building...
Sep 22,2012
 Hello all! I am Liza Holland and I work as an Education Consultant here at the United Way of the Bluegrass. I look forward to sharing with you some things going on in the world of education. The new school year is up and running here in the Bluegrass Region. A lot of what teachers and students are dealing with is implementing and assessing the new education reform elements that are in place. In...
Jun 29,2012
We had a unique visitor stop by our office today. Todd Shaw has biked from Pensacola, Florida up the east coast and over to Lexington to raise awareness for Untied Way. We were excited for him to stop by our office. Todd started his journey on June 1. He has biked over 1,700 miles to get to Lexington, and still has a long way to go before arriving back home in a few weeks. From Lexington, he’s...