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Nov 05,2014
Meet Miah.  Miah is a happy, healthy kindergartener who loves painting and learning her numbers. Miah and her family can count themselves among the Central Kentucky community members who are self-sufficient, but Miah’s story could have turned out quite differently.  Her mom, Lindsay, was a teen mother with a dream of pursuing her education in order to build a better life for herself and her...
Oct 22,2014
Travis is larger than life. His personality fills any room he enters. Travis is polite, well-spoken and humble. In high school, he met the girl of his dreams, but was also introduced to partying. Travis describes himself as an extreme person – either all in our all out. He fell in love with his future wife and also began what would become a fifteen-year destructive relationship with alcohol that...
Oct 15,2014
Jennifer, who was in her mid-thirties, decided that she needed a change of pace and set out to make a new path in her life. She was a country girl stuck in New York, so she packed up and made her way to Lexington where she established her new roots. After her arrival, the Bluegrass immediately felt like home. Jennifer made the adjustment to the area and eventually met a romantic interest,...
Aug 10,2014
Mark your back to school journey this year with a learning event for the entire family. The Native American Educational Conference will feature examples of Native American dance, storytelling, games, music, crafts, shelters and children's activities, all free of charge. Read more here: The Native American Educational...
Aug 06,2014
Casey, a single mother to a well-mannered, two year old boy named Boone, has a college degree and a Masters in dietetics. After working as a dietician for a few years, Casey decided to pursue her dream of going to medical school to become a doctor. She knew she would need a biology degree in order to apply, so she enrolled at the University of Kentucky. Casey was pregnant with her son, Boone, and...