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Children from birth to five years of age can learn a lot, and the United Way BornLearning Academy hopes to help in the process. The BornLearning Academy is designed to support parents in their critical role as a child's first teacher through a series of parent workshops that support early learning and improve kindergarten readiness.

Through a series of six workshops held in local schools, the Born Learning Academy provides families and caregivers with practical, user-friendly ideas to turn everyday activities into learning moments.Tools to help children learn can be as simple, such as talking about the color of fruits and vegetables in the grocery store, or counting stuffed animals in your bedroom.

Workshops are led by trained professionals—usually teachers, principals or other education staff—and focus on the following topics:

•  Building Relationships

•  Building Your Child’s Language Skills

•  Nutrition and Health

•  How Children Learn

•  Routines and Learning on the Go

The educational materials in the program have been made available through funding by Toyota (TMMK), Governor's Office Race to the Top and United Way of the Bluegrass.

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