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This summer, children who have registered for kindergarten in 2019-20 have a chance to attend a variety of fun, free, and educational activities through the school district’s Countdown to Kindergarten program. Many community organizations partner to offer these countywide opportunities. To participate, simply register your child for kindergarten at your assigned elementary school. In your Countdown to Kindergarten booklet, you will find a coupon that you can take to any branch of the Lexington Public Library and pick up a Countdown to Kindergarten T-shirt for your child. The C2K T-shirt serves as your kindergartener’s ticket into all these events.


FAQ's about Countdown to Kindergarten

How does it work?

Children who register for kindergarten with Fayette County Public Schools for the fall of 2019 will receive information and a t-shirt voucher in their registration packet.  Parents may use the voucher to redeem a free Countdown to Kindergarten t-shirt at any Lexington Public Library branch beginning in the month of May.  This t-shirt will act as the child’s “ticket” to a variety of FREE and fun events this summer. Click here to view the schedule of activities planned for the summer of 2019! For information on how and where to register your child for kindergarten with Fayette County Public Schools, please visit

What are the free activities?

Thanks to the generosity of a number of local groups, a variety of fun and educational activities are available all summer for your soon-to-be kindergarten. Click here to view the 2019 schedule of events. Follow us on Facebook for important information and reminders about upcoming events. 

How does my child get a t-shirt?

Any child who has registered for kindergarten through Fayette County Public Schools will receive a welcome packet about starting school. Within that packet you will find some information about Countdown to Kindergarten, as well as a voucher for your t-shirt.  Bring the voucher to any Lexington Public Library branch to claim your t-shirt.  The t-shirt becomes your child's FREE ticket to the Countdown to Kindergarten events.

I registered my child, but don’t think I received a t-shirt voucher - now what do I do?

If your child has registered for kindergarten with Fayette County Public Schools and you did not receive a voucher for your free t-shirt, please email Alice Nelson at or call 859-381-4105.

Can my child or other siblings get into the events without a Countdown to Kindergarten t-shirt?

Children entering kindergarten must have and wear the Countdown to Kindergarten shirt to gain FREE access to the sponsored events.  Siblings may be allowed, depending on the specific event. Please see the 2019 schedule of events for more information.  Additional costs may apply for siblings or additional adults.

Who operates Countdown to Kindergarten?

Countdown to Kindergarten is supported financially by PNC Foundation in conjunction with Fayette County Public Schools, United Way of the Bluegrass and Childcare Council of Kentucky.  However, none of the efforts would be possible without the generosity of our community partners!

Countdown to Kindergarten

Thank you, 2019 Community Partners!