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Nearly 40% of the people in the United States in the last two years have either skipped filling a prescription or reduced doses because their medicine was too expensive. To address this issue across the Bluegrass, United Way has coordinated community-wide distribution of the free FamilyWize prescription discount cards. The FamilyWize program in Central Kentucky helps individuals and their families save an average of 30% on their prescription medications.


It's Free

This is a free resource from the United Way of the Bluegrass and the FamilyWize community service partnership. Use the FamilyWize card to start saving money on your prescription drugs today.

It's Easy

Simply present your card and prescription to a participating pharmacy to obtain the discounted price. You always receive the lower of the discounted price or pharmacy's retail price.

How Much You Save

This card can save you and your family an average of up to 30% or more on 8 out of 10 prescriptions.

No Rrestrictions

Use your card as often as you need, for any prescription, for everyone in your family. There is no income limit, age requirement, eligibility or registration required.

Where to Get a Card

Click here to print a card or call 2-1-1 to have a card sent to you.

Prescriptions Covered

Most prescriptions are covered. Click here to find a list of prescriptions and pricing.

Find a Participating Pharmacy

Pharmacies all across the Bluegrass are lending a hand. Click here to see if your pharmacy is participating.