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Join the fight. 

For 100 years, United Way of the Bluegrass has focused on the underlying social problems in the Bluegrass. Those problems are now magnified in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. UWBG will continue to fight for every person in Central Kentucky while our Commonwealth and nation reimagines and recovers.


For 100 years, we were there through both historical events and the day-to-day happenings in the Bluegrass. We are here to support our neighbors today. As we look ahead, we face many unique challenges to ensure that every person in our community has equitable access to the tools they need to achieve financial stability, physical and mental health, and long-term success. 

In our Centennial year, we are launching a new collective impact initiative called WayPoint. WayPoint’s mission is to create an access point for families and individuals, and to provide vital programming to people living in underserved neighborhoods and communities. Each WayPoint center will bring together the region’s most effective nonprofit, government, and business organizations to leverage their strengths against our community’s biggest issues. WayPoint centers will coordinate an ecosystem of partners and programs to have the greatest impact on local families from a physical and place-based anchor in their communities.

Our community needs us, and we must Live United despite the challenges we are facing today. Now more than ever, our neighbors are relying on United Way of the Bluegrass. We must continue the fight, and with your support and partnership we can impact more families, build stronger neighborhoods, and lift-up our region for another 100 years. 

Join the fight by supporting UWBG on

Kentucky Gives Day! 

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