5K on the Runway takes flight

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Lauren Rose is no stranger to the 5K on the Runway. She says it's a unique experience.

"This one is unique just for the fact that you're on a runway. So, I think this my favorite 5K that I've ever done. We ran it last year, again this year and we're probably going to run it again next year."

About 400 people joined Rose at the Blue Grass Airport for the 5th annual 5K.

"We've done races before where it's really hilly and we thought this would be a much better opportunity to run a flat course," says Debbie Maurer.

This is the first time Debbie Maurer and her husband Rick have run in the 5K. She says what drew them to this race is the fact that it helps raise money for United Way of the Bluegrass.

"We make sure every race we run has something that goes towards it," says Maurer.

Katie Williams is the Vice President of Marketing for United Way of the Bluegrass. She says they provide funding for over 140 programs. Williams adds the money raised from the 5K keeps those programs running.

Williams says the event provides a different kind of experience for participants.

"I think our participants really like the aviation aspect. And it's a really fast course. We have some runners who really want to get out here and get a personal best time."

11-year old Hayden Jakubowsky finished the race with an eye opening time of 20 minutes and 30 seconds.

"I just finished first in my age group and it was a really fun course," exclaims Jakubowski.

Rose says this is the best course she has ever ran.

"How many times in your life do you get to walk on a runway, let a lone run a runway," asks Rose. "Most of the time when your at an airport you're waiting in security lines. But here you get to watch planes land while running with your friends."