Financial Literacy Support Keeps Couple Together in Their Home

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Joe recently suffered a stroke and was unable to care for himself. His wife, who was also elderly, was not in good health herself. The couple needed many things such as medical supplies, chore services and meals. With their limited income, they were not able to afford to hire someone to do this for them.

The couple received a home visit from the Senior Citizens Center Director and the Aging Program Assessor (employed by Bluegrass Area Development District). They were interviewed about their abilities and needs and a care plan was developed to assist the couple with the activities of daily living that they were having problems accomplishing. Hot meals were delivered to the couple’s home 5 days a week. As well, a Homecare Aide provided basic chore services twice a week and medical supplies such as toilet chairs and incontinence aides were purchased for the couple. Financial Literacy education was also provided to the couple.

The elderly couple was able to remain together in their home and prolong nursing home care. Through financial literacy, the couple learned to manage their limited resources so that they had money for food, medications, their mortgage, and utilities.


United Way dollars are invested in economic empowerment so low-to-middle income families have hte resources and support to meet their needs, weather emergencies and invest in a brighter future.  Thanks to your support, neighbors like Joe and his wife can receive the support they need.