Tommy Green – CKEEP Tax Volunteer

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Tax season can be daunting for some, but thanks to free tax preparation offered through CKEEP, it doesn't have to be. Each tax season, CKEEP volunteers work to ensure Central Kentuckians are aware of the tax credits for which they are eligible, and help them file their taxes. 

CKEEP volunteer, Tommy Green, shares his experience helping others with tax prep:

Why do you volunteer for United Way? 
It is a good way to give back to the community.

How long have you served as a volunteer?
5 years

What is most rewarding about being a volunteer? 
Seeing the happy or relieved faces when you tell them that they are going to get a tax refund.

What is an example of a positive result you've seen?
A young person comes in and I complete her tax return and she sees that she is going to get $500 back. She then shares that her car just broke down and the return will make it possible to get her car repaired so that she doesn't have to ride the bus anymore.

 Many thanks to Tommy for his dedication to supporting free tax preparation in the Bluegrass!