Volunteer Spotlight

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Kyle Melloan – Young Leaders Society President
It is National Volunteer Week! We are thankful for the men and women who support the mission of United Way each day, and will be sharing some of their stories with you this week. 
Meet Kyle Melloan, President of the Young Leaders Society (YLS)!
Why do you volunteer for United Way? 
I whole-heartedly agree with the United Way's mission – especially its focus on basic needs, student success, school readiness and financial stability – and believe that it is an organization uniquely positioned to help Lexington and the surrounding area in real and measurable ways.
How long have you served as a volunteer? 
About 5 years
What is most rewarding about being a volunteer? 
I find working with other volunteers and the United Way staff very rewarding.
What is an example of a positive result you've seen through the work being done? 
I recently got to participate in a United Way fundraiser that raised thousands of dollars for a summer reading program for kids at risk of falling behind. That program targets the goal of student success by focusing on low income students who are most likely to lose reading skills over the summer break. Knowing that the hard work that went into the fundraiser helped dozens of area children, if not more, advance their education was incredible.
Thank you for your dedication to creating a stronger Bluegrass, Kyle!