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Searching for happiness? Giving can help!

Multiple studies attest to the benefits of giving. The act of giving can have a ripple effect of generosity in your community, and you can benefit from it, as well. Giving positively impacts the health and happiness of both the recipient and the giver. Curious about how giving back can actually help you while you help others? Here’s the scoop...

Giving makes you happy!

Philanthropy can improve your mood! You’ve probably noticed that when someone does something nice for others, they light up! This is called the “giver’s glow” or “warm glow effect”. Studies actually show that being generous and helping others increases one’s happiness. Generosity makes us happy, and when we’re happy, we make those around us happy, too.

Giving has been linked to the release of oxytocin, a hormone that causes feelings of euphoria, warmth and connection to others. The act of giving causes an oxytocin high, and has the potential to inspire a chain reaction. Bring on the happiness!

Giving encourages social connections and reciprocity.

Giving makes both parties feel closer to one another. Studies suggest that when you give, you are more likely to be rewarded later on, whether that be by the person you helped, or someone else. These exchanges result in a trust and cooperation that strengthens relationships and the community. And if we’re being honest, we could all use an extra feeling of connection this year, right?

Giving is good for your health.

Research shows that generosity lowers stress levels, which is a known risk factor in a number of chronic diseases. In fact, one study showed that people who volunteered four hours a week were 40% less likely to develop high blood pressure. Health benefit for the win!

Giving is contagious.

When someone gives, it creates a ripple effect in their community. People are inspired by others who behave generously, and some research indicates that altruism spreads by three degrees, meaning one generous act can result in three generous acts. Your act of giving can influence hundreds of people in your community, without you even knowing it!

Feel inspired to give? Click here to join us in the fight for the basic needs, education and financial stability of our neighbors in Central Kentucky.

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