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Traditional Bank facilitates donation to United Way Tornado Relief Fund

January 18, 2022

Traditional Bank last week presented a check to the United Way of the Bluegrass in honor of a $115,363.83 donation recently made to the United Way of Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund.

Traditional Bank established the Western KY Disaster Relief Fund in response to the devasting tornado outbreak that cut a more than 200-mile path of destruction through several Western Kentucky counties in December, taking an especially heartbreaking toll on the community of Mayfield.

Traditional Bank CEO Andy Baker shared the following message via an email to Traditional Bank employees on December 13: “Our hearts go out to our fellow Kentuckians who are suffering from the devastating tornado outbreak in Western Kentucky. We offer hope and prayers to so many who are now grieving, assessing losses, and seeking help in meeting the most basic human needs of shelter, clothing, nourishment and healthcare. But we want to do more.”

Traditional Bank searched for a local nonprofit organization that could help them get funds directly into the hands of Western Kentucky agencies and community leaders. United Way board member and Traditional Bank employee Chas Sargent connected Baker with the United Way of Kentucky and its Tornado Relief Fund, directly benefiting local emergency management, disaster partners and others providing critical relief services in the impacted counties.

The bank’s fundraising efforts began with a grass-roots, word-of-mouth approach, including social media posts, website posts, donations collected through the bank’s branch network and through an online donation portal. Traditional Bank provided a donation match in the amount of $25,000.

Donations poured in and within a week the first match was met. Traditional Bank increased its matching pledge from to $35,000 and again to $50,000.

“As a board member of the United Way of the Bluegrass, I’ve seen first-hand the impact they make throughout our state,” Sargent said. “I was glad to be able to partner Andy and the bank with the United Way of Kentucky Tornado Relief fund, knowing that 100 percent of the money we helped raise is going directly to people in areas who need it most.”

While the Traditional Bank match has been met, the United Way is still accepting donations online at

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