Run a Workpace Campaign

Is your company involved in solving the needs of our community?

Lexmark - United Way's largest workplace campaign partner

With the day to day challenges companies face, community impact just isn’t on the list of top problems to solve for many organizations. With the demand from consumers and the desire from companies to get involved, United Way is making giving back easier.

Our team at United Way works hand in hand with your company to help solve the needs and make an impact in our community. United Way empowers your company with the tools to effectively engage your employees in achieving a positive impact right where they live, work and play.

By making it as easy and advantageous as possible for companies to get involved in community outreach, we desire to increase corporate support and create a movement of companies increasing their partnership to strengthen their local community.

Supporting United Way is good for your bottom line.

  • Increase Sales – 74% of people are more likely to recommend your company. Customers and clients like to know that through purchasing your product or service, they are also giving back to the community.*
  • Strengthen Brand – 85% of Americans would switch to a company that is associated with a cause.*
  • Increase Trust – In a time of high corporate distrust, partnership with a non-profit organization demonstrates credibility and integrity.*
  • Increase Employee Recruitment, Retention, Morale and Productivity – 72% of employed Americans would choose to work for a company that supports social causes when deciding between two jobs.*

Through an employee giving campaign backed by a corporate investment, you and your team will show they care about improving lives across Central Kentucky and make an impact in both the community and your bottom line.

For details on running a workplace campaign, please call 859-233-4460 or email