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Executive Team 

Bill Farmer, President & CEO 859-967-1921

Carol Bates, Vice President, Regional Partnerships 859-253-3019

Vicki Seale, Vice President, Finance & Administration 859-281-1426

Nathan Thompson, Vice President, Community Impact 859-977-0868

Katie Williams, Vice President, Marketing & Communications 859-977-7391

Roy Woods, Vice President, Community Education Initiatives  859 977 7382

Martina Ockerman, Executive Assistant 859 977 7380

Community Investments

Susan Reese, 2-1-1 Lead Information and Referral Specialist 859-977-7386

Katie Davis, 211 Information and Referral Specialist 859-977-73

Brittney Howard, Manager of Operations, 211 859-977-7390

Emmanuel Smith, Director, Financial Stability 859-977-7388

Anna Kenion, Financial Stability Coordinator 859-977-7383

Jonathan Kohn, Director, Grants and Operations 859-967-1923

Katie Tibbs, Financial Stability Coordinator 859-977-7378

Jamey Rogers, 211 Resource Specialist 859-967-1926

Lynn Chrisman, 211 Resource Specialist 

Marilyn Yahn, 211 Resource Navigator 


Angela Crow, Donor Relations Manager 859-233-4462

Jenn Goble, Community Stewardship Manager 859-977-0866

Tiffany Smith, Partnership Development Manager 859-977-7381

Hanna Kroskie, Partnership Development Manager 859-967-1925

Annabelle Sweetall, Development Coordinator 859-977-7394


Gary Cremeans, Director, RSVP Trailblazers 859-977-7387

Alyce Emerson, RSVP Trailblazers Coordinator 859-977-7379

Ema Haines, RSVP Trailblazers coordinator-Anderson & Scott Counties 859-977-7396


Ashley Hays, Finance and HR Manager 859-977-7384

Jennifer Steinman, AR Pledge Processing Manager & Andar Database Administrator 859-281-1357


Tommy Green, Systems and Operations Manager 859-977-7377


For general information, please call 859-233-4460 or email info@uwbg.org