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Looking for ways to give back to your community? Do you love helping kids learn and grow?

The RSVP Trailblazers Program may be for you!

The RSVP Trailblazers Program is part of a national initiative that provides volunteer opportunities to persons aged 55 and over who want to remain actively involved in their community.
RSVP Trailblazers’ specific goal is to focus volunteer talents on greater academic success by tutoring, mentoring and sharing life experiences with our youth and adults.

RSVP Trailblazers currently operates in Anderson, Clark, Scott and Woodford Counties.

RSVP Trailblazers Volunteers have the opportunity to work with children ages 4-18 years performing the following activities:

  • Reading to younger students

  • Assist younger students with the following: multiplication tables, fractions and division

  • Review the following with Head Start students: colors, shapes, numbers and letters

  • Tutor reading and mathematics

  • Assist in a computer lab

  • Serve in an English as a Second Language classroom

  • Mentor students at mealtimes; share stories, life experiences and polite manners

  • Assist in a specific subject you know best (Science, Music, Art, Family & Consumer Science, etc.)

  • Help coach a sports team

  • Volunteer with homework prep

  • Work with youth on their instruction and assignments in their vocational fields

  • Mentor students in their chosen profession

Click here to apply or call 2-1-1 to be connected with an organization that has volunteer opportunities to meet the experiences, insights and skills you have to share with youth in your community. To download a copy of the RSVP Trailblazer Volunteer Policies and Procedures, click here.

For more information about volunteering as an RSVP Trailblazer, please contact: Mark Matics, Director of RSVP Trailblazers: | 859.977.7396.

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