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We are the hand-raisers, the game changers. 


For 100 years, United Way of the Bluegrass has united the full force of the community to fight for the basic needs, education and financial stability of every person in Central Kentucky.

At United Way of the Bluegrass, we know big things can happen when our community works together toward a common goal. We LIVE UNITED against poverty, and other social issues facing our schools, neighborhoods and communities. Learn more about our mission here.


United Way of the Bluegrass tackles the most pressing issues facing our communities today. We address basic needs, injustices, lack of resources and other barriers to help more Central Kentuckians succeed and move forward. Learn more about our basic needs support here.

United Way invests in local programs and organizations that support quality childcare, family support, early intervention, school readiness and student success for all youth. Learn more about our support of education here.



United Way invests in economic empowerment, so more families have the resources and support to help meet their basic needs, weather emergencies and invest in a brighter future. Learn more about our financial stability support here.


We believe in transparency, and know it is important to share the impact of the work being done in the Bluegrass. Review current impact and financial reports here.

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