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United Way invests in local programs and organizations that support quality childcare, family support, early intervention, school readiness and student success for all youth.



$100 will purchase new pajamas, books, toothbrushes and snacks for 6 children through the Sweet Dreams Project.

Basic Needs Support in Action:

Jeni was in the third grade. Both of her parents were incarcerated, and she lived with her aunt, grandmother and cousins in a neighborhood considered by most to be unsafe, so she was often not allowed to play outside. Her school and family felt that a mentor and consistent adult could provide opportunities and positively impact Jeni’s life. She was matched with a Big Sister through Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bluegrass and they began meeting at school once a week. They quickly bonded, played games, ate lunch, and did a lot of talking. Jeni’s Big Sister took her out into the community for activities like shopping, going to the movies and out to restaurants. Jeni says she loves her Big Sister because she is generous, and she can talk to her about anything. Jeni’s Big Sister says that Jeni is a great kid and the experience of being a mentor has been more rewarding than she ever expected. Together the “sisters” have formed a bond that will help Jeni grow and achieve as she navigates through elementary school and beyond.


During the holiday season, we can work together to provide new pajamas, a book, snacks and personal care products to kids in the Bluegrass. Learn more about Sweet Dreams here.

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