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UWBG’s WayPoint strategy was born out of an in-depth analysis of our regional community and current demographics, and a meaningful understanding of what our community needs to evolve into a better, more resilient Bluegrass.

WayPoint’s mission is to create an access point for families and individuals, and to provide vital programming to people living in underserved neighborhoods and communities of color. Each WayPoint center brings together the region’s most effective nonprofit, government, and business organizations to leverage their strengths against our community’s biggest issues. WayPoint centers coordinate an ecosystem of partners and programs to have the greatest impact on local families from a physical and place based anchor in their communities.

Temporary Operating Hours
until further notice

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
2:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Tuesday, Thursday
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Visit Us In-Person

Paris-Bourbon County YMCA 
917 Main Street
Paris, KY 40361

Contact Information:

Phone: 859.977.7396


Upcoming Events:


Available Services

These services are available at the WayPoint Center located in the Paris-Bourbon County YMCA. 

  • In-person assessment and referrals to available services to help support basic needs

  • Case management

  • One-on-one budget, credit, and financial counseling

  • No cost income tax filing and preparation services

  • Access to mainstream banking products

  • Periodic no cost financial workshops covering topics like budgeting, home ownership, business startup, etc.  

  • Comprehensive teen mentoring, tutoring, and engagement program 

  • Full curriculum implementation in YMCA youth programs

  • Support for Paris Independent elementary students in the area of grade-level reading 

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