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WayPoint Center locations are currently available in Lexington at the Black & Williams Center and Charles Young Center, as well as at the Paris-Bourbon County YMCA. Access information about the location in your community using the buttons below.

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Lexington's new East End neighborhood WayPoint Center is here!
Waypoint Centers serve as a neighborhood resource to support family financial success and stability, using bundled social services in partnership with community non-profits.

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UWBG’s WayPoint strategy was born out of an in-depth analysis of our regional community and current demographics, and a meaningful understanding of what our community needs to evolve into a better, more resilient Bluegrass.

WayPoint’s mission is to create an access point for families and individuals, and to provide vital programming to people living in underserved neighborhoods and communities of color. Each WayPoint Center brings together the region’s most effective nonprofit, government, and business organizations to leverage their strengths against our community’s biggest issues. WayPoint Centers coordinate an ecosystem of partners and programs to have the greatest impact on local families from a physical and place based anchor in their communities.


WayPoint Centers offer…


Basic needs are met, physical and mental health is good and family/ individual can meet future needs based on a budget


Family/individual has acceptable credit, debt within limits, exceeds a hand-to-mouth budget, earns a sustainable wage and kids are thriving.


Family/individual owns at least one asset, is saving for the future and is on-track to meet economic goals.

Each center provides services that are custom tailored to its neighborhood and are staffed by professionals who are intimately familiar with the needs of the community. Waypoint Centers will serve as a neighborhood resource that is anchored in family financial success and stability, coupled with bundled social services, and supported by a robust coalition of non-profit partners working toward a common goal to empower families and individuals.
"You are not alone. We will work this out."

Be a part of the next generation of community champions, and the evolution in how social and community services are delivered across Central Kentucky. 


Our community needs us, and we must Live United despite the challenges we are facing today. Now more than ever, our neighbors are relying on United Way of the Bluegrass. We must continue the fight, and with your support and partnership we can impact more families, build stronger neighborhoods, and lift-up our region for another 100 years. 


United we fight. United we win.


Are you ready to get involved as a financial supporter of the WayPoint Center project?    


Matt Roberts

Director, Corporate Engagement

United Way of the Bluegrass

859.977.7379 ext. 257

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