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Thank you for helping to create Sweet Dreams
this holiday season! 

Each donation of $20 provides a gift bag with pajamas, a book, toothbrush, toothpaste and snacks to an underserved child in Central Kentucky as they leave for winter break.

Many kids in Central Kentucky go to sleep each night without their own pajamas, and many don’t have even one book of their own. Our Family Resource Coordinators report some kids head home for the holiday break in fear of not having enough to eat, and other things that children should never have to worry about. 


Each holiday for the past eight years, the Sweet Dreams Project has worked to ensure kids across the Bluegrass receive a new pair of pajamas, a new book, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and snacks.  


Your support allowed us to help more students than ever before in 2023. Your help is changing lives — the numbers speak for themselves.




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8.5 x 11
11 x 17

Thanks to your support, 2023's Sweet Dreams Project was a huge success!

Thank you for your support in 2023.

We can't wait to help create even more Sweet Dreams in 2024!

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For information on how you or your organization can get involved, contact Jenn Goble at or 859.977.0866.

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Thanks to those who contributed to our special Sweet Dreams events:
  • Santa’s Open at the Woodford Club
  • Jack Harlow - No Place Like Home Tour collection
  • Spelling Bee(r) at Blue Stallion
Between 2016 and 2022, the Sweet Dreams Project has made a huge holiday impact for students across our region:
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