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Clark County Partner Agency Spotlight: Clark County Homeless Coalition

As we continue our journey around Clark County, let’s get to know more about the Clark County Homeless Coalition!

The Clark County Homeless Coalition (CCHC) helps individuals suffering from homelessness help themselves on the road to long-term self-sufficiency. In 2011, CCHC opened Wainscott Hall, a shelter that serves approximately 100 individuals each year. But CCHC’s reach extends beyond the doors of Wainscott Hall. They run a transitional housing program that serves 45 individuals and families a year, and two rapid rehousing programs that serve 60 individuals and families a year. They are expanding their rapid rehousing programs and recently received a new grant to open another 30 housing slots for homeless individuals and families.

The need of CCHC’s support is becoming very great, especially with the eviction moratorium coming to an end. The Coronavirus has had negative implications on those seeking services through CCHC, as the loss of in-person AA and NA support have impacted the sobriety of community members.

CCHC is currently offering classes in computer skills, employment skills, and budgeting. However, their general offerings include GED and workforce-ready certification classes, leadership skills, and basic life skills.

According to Terry Davidson, director of the CCHC, “UWBG has been a massive supporter of CCHC for over 6 years and we have really benefited from it. United Way funds help support us with costs from our Wainscott Hall shelter that aren’t grant-funded and help support our class offerings as well.”

There is one gentleman who has greatly benefited from CCHC’s efforts. He had come from a horrific childhood that had led him to start drinking at the age of 8, smoking weed and taking pills at 10, and he was addicted to heroin by the time he was 13. He first came to CCHC’s recovery support program in his mid-40’s. CCHC helped him get permanent housing, and he soon became a leader in his AA group and did really well for a year and a half until he relapsed. Over the next several years, he would pop in from time to time, but wasn’t ready to go to rehab. CCHC staff would support him in whatever ways they could and keep lines of communication open. Around Christmas of 2017, he showed up again and was ready to go to rehab. He had been staying in an abandoned shed in the middle of winter and had lost over 50 pounds. He attended rehab again, and the staff encouraged him to attend a long-term placement facility in Georgia. He has done very well since and currently works as a rehabilitation specialist in Cincinnati. Everybody at the CCHC is proud of him and the work that he has done.

“I think we are really good at non-judgmentally trying to meet people where they are, empathize with them and support them in reaching their goals so that they can maintain housing,” said Terry Davidson.

Thank you to Terry Davidson and everybody at CCHC who is effecting positive change in their community!

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