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Financial Stability Partner Agency Spotlight: Apprisen

As we explore our commitment to financial stability during the holidays and beyond, we are excited to highlight some of the community partners helping to impact the lives of men, women and families in the Bluegrass.

Apprisen is a non-profit organization that helps, empowers and motivates people on their journey to financial well-being. For the past 60 years, they have been providing support and guidance to people who want to attain a healthy financial life. Read the success story Louis shared about his work toward financial stability with Apprisen below!

Louis first came to Apprisen a year ago with a crippling amount of unsecured debt, as well as a heavily mortgaged house. Desperate for relief, Louis was seeking options to help him pay the debt, as well as a better way to manage his finances. He enrolled in a one year financial coaching program to help him gain skills and change behaviors for long term financial improvement. The changes he has made have turned his initial $2,100 per month budget shortfall to a budget surplus of close to $2,000. His net worth has improved significantly from $15,971 to $94,164, and credit scores have risen by about 80 points. Most importantly, his confidence level in managing his finances has increased greatly. Louis is now building emergency savings.

In his final meeting, Louis stated, "I finally feel that I am in control of my money for the first time in my adult life."

Thank you to everyone at Apprisen who is helping members of our community on their journey to financial well-being!

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