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Introducing Our #ShareYour24 Presenting Sponsor, Community Trust Bank!

We are extremely grateful to our friends at Community Trust Bank for sponsoring our #ShareYour24 initiative. Let’s learn more about Community Trust Bank and their mission to support important work being done in communities they serve from Regional President, Larry Jones!

How does Community Trust Bank support the Central Kentucky community?

We have primarily supported our community through monetary donations to local agencies. Some of us at the bank have been involved in the homelessness initiative here in Lexington, not only through United Way, but also on our own.

What sets Community Trust Bank apart?

Our name says it all - we are a bank for the community. We have a lot of care and concern for the communities that we’re involved in. We try to find organizations whose mission is good and who may not attract sponsorship money from big banks. Because we have such a small presence here, we want to give our dollars to organizations where it makes an impact.

Can you tell us about your corporate culture for giving?

Obviously, we have a budget for these kinds of things, but unfortunately, it’s not the kind of budget larger banks may have. Consequently, we have fewer dollars and so it all goes back to how we can spread the dollars we have for the greatest community growth. Some of the smaller organizations in our region need our support, and our investments can really make an impact. We try to donate to our employee’s interests as well.

Why does Community Trust Bank choose to support United Way of the Bluegrass?

I’ve personally been a United Way supporter since the 1980s. The bank has always been involved as well, at least since I’ve been with them. We’ve supported United Way of the Bluegrass for a while - we like their mission.

What would you say to someone who feels like they may not be able to get involved, or that their donation won't make a difference?

I would tell them that their donation does make a difference. Small donations add up to the bigger pot of money that we can work with to improve our community.

We’d like to thank Larry Jones and our partners at Community Trust Bank for their support! We couldn’t do it without you.

To learn more about Community Trust Bank, click here.

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