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Lenny's Guiding Light at the Amen House

The Amen House has been a shining light for those facing adversity. Lenny, a 51-year-old man struggling with homelessness and Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), found hope and support when he turned to the Amen House.

Lenny's story is not uncommon. For years, he wandered the streets, battling demons and longing for a sense of security. One day when he decided he needed to make a change, he found his way to the Amen House. It was a turning point—a chance to break free and reclaim his life.

With the guidance of the Amen House staff, Lenny embarked on a journey of recovery. They connected him with local resources, including sober living facilities and recovery houses. Despite setbacks, Lenny persevered, becoming a model resident in his facility and even finding employment to support himself.

The support didn't end there! The Amen House helped Lenny navigate economic hurdles, securing housing and assisting with deposit payments. As he rebuilt his life, Lenny also reconnected with his daughter who had broken contact with him years prior.

Recently, Lenny proudly shared his progress with the Amen House staff. He had received his 1-year chip from Alcoholics Anonymous and was planning a trip to reunite with his daughter in eastern Kentucky. It was a testament to the transformative power of community support.

Lenny's journey shows the vital role that organizations like the Amen House play in the lives of individuals in need. Their work cannot continue without support. By donating to United Way of the Bluegrass, you can support non-profits like the Amen House and help ensure that more stories like Lenny's end with hope and healing.

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