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Scott County Partner Agency Spotlight: Elizabeth’s Village

As we continue our journey around Scott County, let’s get to know more about Elizabeth’s Village!

Elizabeth’s Village, which started as Scott County Hospitality House in 2009, serves women and children who are experiencing homelessness and domestic violence. They provide a safe space and facilitate access to support for all women who need assistance in order to become self-sufficient. “We just want to love them all the way there and be a stepping stone to get them where they want to go,” said Hannah Caudill, Outreach Coordinator at Elizabeth’s Village.

Elizabeth’s Village consists of four main programs. The first is their transitional home, which opened in 2013 and serves women experiencing homeless. The house has a maximum capacity of two women with children and two single women at a time. However, due to the pandemic, they have had to decrease these numbers in order to maintain social distancing. The second is the outreach program, which focuses on homelessness prevention. A big part of this is case management for women to help them remain in stable housing or to help them transition to more secure housing. The third is the Domestic Violence Victim Advocacy program, which helps survivors of domestic violence by providing legal and housing advocacy, financial assistance for rent and utilities, and case management that focuses on safety and self-sufficiency. The fourth is the After-School program, which provides one-on-one tutoring for children served through the other programs that Elizabeth’s Village provides.

Elizabeth’s Village also offers case management, where clients learn about financial literacy, time management, healthy boundaries, relationships and other relevant topics. One graduate from the transitional home used all of her tax refund money to pay her rent for the first six months of the pandemic. She had learned fiscal responsibility from the case management that was provided to her at Elizabeth’s Village, and took it upon herself to use her money in that way.

United Way of the Bluegrass provides funding for Elizabeth’s Village and has set up donation drives to benefit their cause. Elizabeth’s Village was one recipient of UWBG’s recent #ShareYour24 initiative on September 24th, where members across the community donated kits with toiletry items.

Elizabeth’s Village’s programs allow them to have a big reach in their community. They serve a large number of people, from those who are experiencing homelessness, to those who are at-risk for homelessness, to victims of domestic violence. “One of our biggest strengths is that we can help just about anybody who is in need. And if we can’t, then we know who will,” said Hannah Caudill.

If you’re looking for a holiday present for a loved one, look no further! The residents at Elizabeth’s Village make and sell homemade candles. You can find them here, along with a special Elizabeth’s Village coffee blend from City Roastery.

Thank you to everybody at Elizabeth’s Village who is working hard to help struggling women in Scott County! We appreciate your dedication.

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