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Anderson County Partner Agency Spotlight: Anderson Community Education Center

As we continue our journey around Anderson County, let’s get to know more about the Anderson Community Education Center!

Two graduates, one with their high school diploma & one with their GED (Photo taken prior to COVID-19 restrictions)

The Anderson Community Education Center began 32 years ago in 1988. Their mission is to promote and support programs for lifelong learning, literacy, humanities, and volunteering within Anderson County’s schools and community. The Center focuses on serving the family as a whole, not just one person, because they believe that what they do positively affects the whole family. They serve over 500 families per year.

“United Way of the Bluegrass touches every single piece of our organization. The grant money we get from UWBG is used for everything from purchasing office supplies to paying for GEDs. Every single thing we do in our building, a little bit of that is because of United Way. Every single time we open the door, United Way is supporting us,” said Elizabeth Swartz, Director of the Anderson Community Education Center.

Prevention education and financial literacy are two needs that the Anderson Community Education Center addresses (Photo taken prior to COVID-19 restrictions)

The Anderson Community Education Center has made positive impacts on many lives. One of many stories is of a young man who came to the center three years ago to get his GED. He had never had a job before, but the Center helped him get his GED and he started working. He is now an assistant manager at Kroger in their liquor store.

Anderson Community Education makes a point to help anybody who comes through their doors, no matter what the issue is. Recently, an elderly gentleman came by for help with his computer. The staff weren’t able to help, but called a nearby computer repair shop and set up an appointment for him.

The community garden

“Every single person that comes here is treated the same. Whether they’re looking for high school credentials, wanting to take a sign language class, coming in for resume help or stopping in to see how they can help give back to our community, every single person has a story. We don’t discriminate or treat anybody differently,” said Elizabeth Swartz.

Thank you to the Anderson Community Education Center for their commitment to supporting the educational and financial stability efforts of Anderson County residents!

“We can fit in any corner of the puzzle, we can help you with whatever you need, be it groceries, clothes, laundry detergent, high school diploma, GED, electricity help, childhood engagement… Whatever it is you need, if we can’t do it, we know how to find someone who can.” - Elizabeth Swartz, Director

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