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Bourbon County Partner Agency Spotlight: Paris-Bourbon County YMCA

As we continue our journey around Bourbon County, let’s get to know more about the Paris-Bourbon County YMCA!

The Paris-Bourbon County YMCA is built on three pillars: healthy living, social responsibility and youth development. As CEO Andrew Beckett says, “Anybody who walks through our doors - young, old, gender, race... It doesn’t matter to us here at the Y. We treat everybody the same and with a smile on our face.”

The YMCA offers a wide range of programs to its members and serves thousands through their child care and sports programs. They also offer free swim lessons to every second grader in Bourbon, Nicholas and Harrison Counties.

They currently serve 66 children in the child development center. United Way has helped by providing training for teachers and increasing the capacity for the number of children that can be served. Due to the success of their child development center, they are currently building a new center in Cynthiana.

The Paris-Bourbon County YMCA rose to the occasion when the Coronavirus hit. They utilized UWBG’s Coronavirus Response Fund to establish the Emergency Pandemic Child Care Program and to create a Virtual Learning Program. The child care program provided care for 65 children of first responders and healthcare workers. The Virtual Learning Program was established after Bourbon County schools announced their decision to hold classes online. Some staff realized that children whose parents worked or didn't have internet access needed somewhere to go to attend their classes.

In the words of Andrew Beckett, “Whatever the challenge is or whatever the community needs, we step up and fill that need”.

Thank you to everybody at the Paris-Bourbon County YMCA who is effecting positive change in their community!

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