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Empowering Communities: Importance of WayPoint Centers

In the heart of our Bluegrass communities, WayPoint Centers stand as spaces of hope and support for families or individuals in need. These centers serve as vital resources, offering social services in collaboration with local non-profits, government and community partners, aiming to foster financial success and stability within neighborhoods. Transformation unfolded at the Paris YMCA WayPoint Center when a distressed young mother named Amber came to WayPoint Coordinator Nadia in need of refuge and assistance.


Amber turned to Nadia and the Paris WayPoint Center for help once she realized she needed stability for her teenage daughters. They had been relocated many times due to housing issues and Amber was ready to take charge of her situation. Nadia immediately sprang into action, offering many different services tailored to Amber's needs. From helping secure vital documents like birth certificates to assisting with applications for income-based housing, the WayPoint team stood by Amber every step of the way.


The impact of WayPoint's support was profound, Amber felt the weight of uncertainty lift from her shoulders. Through perseverance, Amber's journey toward stability reached a significant milestone. Just two months after seeking assistance, she received news of an available apartment from Kelly Lane Properties. A little later, Amber proudly returned to the WayPoint Center, keys in hand, ready to embark on a new chapter of her life. The smiles on her daughters' faces mirrored the hope and excitement that permeated the room— showcasing the power of community support through WayPoint Centers and the non-profit partners.


As we celebrate the impact of WayPoint Centers in transforming lives like Amber's, we also look ahead with anticipation and excitement! The opening of the new Marksbury Family WayPoint Center at the Historic Palmer Pharmacy is a milestone in the United Way Of the Bluegrass’ commitment to serving the East End community and empowering families.


Join us on Monday, May 13th, at 10 am, as we cut the ribbon and welcome in a new era of support and opportunity at 400 East Fifth Street. Together, we continue to build bridges to brighter futures, one WayPoint Center at a time.

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