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Finding Hope: Anna's Journey at the WayPoint Center

After being in the United States for just 15 days, Anna visited the WayPoint Center at Centro de San Juan Diego. She was alone, without family or friends, and despite having a sponsor, her situation had become challenging. She found the WayPoint Center through a resource guide, hoping for assistance as she navigated this unfamiliar territory. The WayPoint Coordinator reassured her that they would connect her with community resources to help her get on her feet.

Anna also needed a tuberculosis test for her immigration documents and had only $26 left, which she had used for public transportation. Understanding her financial constraints, the WayPoint Coordinator secured a free appointment for her TB test and other necessary labs at the Bluegrass Community Health Center. This immediate support eased one of Anna's concerns.

During the initial assessment, Anna revealed a distressing domestic violence situation involving her sponsor and partner. The WayPoint Coordinator provided a safe space for Anna to express her emotions and educated her about the cycle and types of domestic violence. Anna received contact information for GreenHouse17, an organization offering shelter and counseling services, assuring her that she did not have to face this alone. Though initially hesitant to leave her abuser, Anna later informed the Coordinator that she had contacted GreenHouse17 and received their support.

To further assist Anna, the WayPoint Coordinator referred her to the Community Response Coalition for legal assistance in applying for a work permit. Additionally, Anna was guided to the Lexington Public Library for English lessons and Sister’s Road to Freedom for food donations. The Coordinator plans to help Anna with her job search once she obtains her Social Security number and work permit.

With a formal education and experience in the health field from her home country, Anna hopes to have her educational documents certified in the USA. The WayPoint Coordinator consulted with a representative from Bluegrass Community Health Center, who agreed to provide her with orientation and potential job opportunities once her documents are available. Grateful for the support, Anna expressed that she had found an angel in the WayPoint Coordinator, showcasing the power of the WayPoint Centers and the impact of compassionate community assistance.

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