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Personalized Support from the Telford YMCA Transforms After-School Journey

At the Telford Community Center YMCA, every child’s happiness and growth are at the forefront of their after-school program. Sophie initially struggled with attention during activities and forming friendships. Each day, she returned home expressing her dislike for the after-school program, causing concern for her father.


Her father reached out to the Assistant Childcare Director with his worries, and the staff discovered Sophie had a passion for arts and crafts. Together, the YMCA after-school staff and her father found a solution: an arts and crafts box exclusively for Sophie.


The impact was immediate! Sophie began to thrive in the after-school environment, embracing the opportunity to enjoy her favorite activities without distraction. After she started to use her craft box more and more, noticeable changes started happening. She became more outgoing, forged new friendships, and eagerly shared her newfound talents with other children.


A few days later, Sophie’s father reached out to express his gratitude to the YMCA after-school staff. He was so happy about the positive transformation he witnessed in his daughter, noting her newfound enthusiasm for school and the program. The introduction of the arts and crafts box not only provided Sophie with a creative outlet but also instilled valuable lessons in discipline and self-expression.


Sophie’s story shows the importance of understanding each child’s interests and providing them with opportunities to flourish. By fostering open communication between parents and program staff, the Telford YMCA ensures that every child receives personalized support tailored to their needs and preferences.


Ultimately, the success of the after-school program helps the growth and fulfillment of the children in the program. The Telford YMCA continues to empower children like Sophie to thrive academically, socially, and creatively.

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