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Vicki Seale - Recently Retired Vice President of Finance and Administration for UWBG

At United Way of the Bluegrass, we are currently celebrating our centennial year. We are highlighting 100 Heroes who have been important in our fight for the basic needs, education and financial stability of our neighbors over the past century.

Today we are interviewing Vicki Seale, who retired just last month as UWBG’s Vice President of Finance and Administration.

What did your role entail?

I handled everything financial within the organization including all operations, facilities management, IT, and Human Resources.

What would a normal day look like for you?

My days were never the same. Depending on the time of year, I could be focused on an audit. This past year, it seemed like a never-ending audit. I managed the day-to-day operations that go along with the audit and answer any type of requests or needs. I spend most of my time processing payables, making sure campaigns are processed correctly, doing reports, closing out accounting months, and recently, organizing a retrofit of our new office.

What do you think is the most special thing about UWBG?

The people I worked with inside the organization. Everyone feels like family. There is a sense that any task we are doing is for the good of the community, no matter how difficult or how small. Everything we do within the organization is for the mission and I think everybody is focused on it. The purpose of that mission is to improve the lives of the people in our 10 county service region. I think the ability United Way of the Bluegrass has to touch so many lives in the Central Kentucky community is what makes us special.

In your opinion, what positive change has UWBG made in the Bluegrass over the past 100 years?

We’ve brought 211 to the community. It is an exceptional resource for everybody to find resources and assistance. You can find help for almost any basic or human services need. Our community was lacking this about 20 years ago. This service is so important and is continually improving.

United Way is not only touching the agencies that partner with us, but also touching countless people through many of our grant programs including free tax preparation services and financial literacy training. United Way also works with agencies that help with homelessness, food insecurity, and helping people with their heat and utilities. It’s hard to explain what we do within a minute to someone outside of the organization. We fill in the areas here and there that others don’t, and we bring together the people, partners and resources needed to solve tough problems.

Fun Questions:

What’s your favorite place in the Bluegrass?

The Red River Gorge area and Lake Cumberland. I have also discovered a place called Conley Bottom outside of Monticello, Kentucky. It’s on Lake Cumberland. They have cabins and a lodge. You can rent boats and a canoe. It’s a really awesome place.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the Bluegrass?

I like to garden and hike.

Thank you for being such a strong part of UWBG, Vicki! We appreciate you and all that you have done for UWBG and the Bluegrass community!

“My heart is really in this organization. I feel like even though I wasn’t in an outward facing role, the work I did within finance helped keep the organization reputable and transparent.” ~Vicki Seale
Do you know someone who has worked alongside United Way of the Bluegrass in the past century who should be considered for our 100 Heroes series? Please email us at to share your nomination!
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