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We Will Call Him Albert

Albert dreamed about starting his own business. He had the necessary entrepreneurial spirit, but he lacked a good understanding of key business concepts like profit and loss, managing overhead costs and budgeting. He sought help at the Black & Williams WayPoint Center, where he met with Community Impact Manager Gerri Botts Lilly.

Albert and Gerri worked together to set short and long-term goals. He said he had not filed his personal income tax returns because he didn’t know how and didn’t have the money to pay the friend who offered to prepare them. Gerri referred Albert to CKEEP, the free tax preparation service sponsored by United Way of the Bluegrass that is based on the taxpayer’s income level. With CKEEP’s help, he filed his tax returns and is eligible for stimulus money.

Albert met at WayPoint with a partnering organization that provides financial literacy training and was accepted into a program that mentors novice small business owners and helps them develop a business plan. He actively participates and told Gerri that he’s gaining a much better understanding about how to start and succeed in managing his own business.

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