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Get to Know UWBG: Franklin County

As a part of a blog series, we are featuring one of the counties United Way of the Bluegrass serves each week.

Last week, we featured Fayette County. This week, let’s get to know the newest addition to our family: Franklin County!

Franklin County is home to our state capital, Frankfort. The County was named after the American inventor and statesman Benjamin Franklin. According to legend, the city of Frankfort itself received its name from Pioneer Stephen Frank, who was killed by Native Americans at the Kentucky River. After his death, fellow pioneers referred to the crossing as Frank’s Ford, which later evolved into Frankford, then to today’s current spelling, Frankfort.

Frankfort is the fourth-smallest state capital in the U.S. based on population, according to a 2015 estimate, and is also known for having one of the most beautiful capitol buildings in the country. Notable people associated with Franklin County include Daniel Boone, who is buried in Frankfort Cemetery, and George Graham Vest, a lawyer and U.S. senator from Franklin County who coined the phrase “dog is man’s best friend”.

At United Way of the Bluegrass, we are proud to work with the men and women of Fayette County to make a difference across the Bluegrass, including our incredible Franklin County Board of Trustees!

During the last fiscal year:

Your support through financial gifts and volunteer time help to make an impact in the following organizations that serve Franklin County:

Agency Partners:

  • American Red Cross - Kentucky Region

  • Bluegrass Community Action

  • Boy Scouts - Blue Grass Council

  • Capital City Activity Center

  • CASA of the Bluegrass

  • Emergency Food Pantry

  • Frankfort YMCA

  • Girl Scouts - Wilderness Road

  • Kings Center

  • Legal Aid of the Bluegrass

  • Nursing Home Ombudsman

  • Salvation Army

  • SIMON House

  • ACCESS Soup Kitchen

  • The Sunshine Center

  • Thornhill Education Center

We look forward to working with the leaders and organizations in Franklin County as we unite in the fight for basic needs, education and financial stability for every person in Central Kentucky. In case you missed it, see the announcement about Franklin County joining the United Way of the Bluegrass family here.

Stay tuned this week as we talk with Cathy Jennings from Franklin County’s Board of Trustees and Rachelle Foley from Simon House.

Do you have any other fun facts about Franklin County? Share with us on Facebook!

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