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Get to Know UWBG: Madison County

As a part of a blog series, we are featuring one of the counties United Way of the Bluegrass serves each week.

Last week, we featured Woodford County. This week, let’s get to know Madison County!

Madison County was established from a portion of Lincoln County, Virginia, in 1785. The County was named for the Virginia statesman James Madison, who was also the fourth president of the United States. The County consists of two cities, Berea and Richmond. Richmond is the county seat and the third-largest city in the Bluegrass region. The downtown area features many Victorian-style buildings, including the Glyndon Hotel, a well-known landmark.

During the Civil War, the Confederate and Union armies fought in the Battle of Richmond from August 29-30, 1862. Total estimated casualties are 5,650, which includes 4,900 Union soldiers and 750 Confederate soldiers. The battle took place around what is now the grounds of the Blue Grass Army Depot, which is located just south of Richmond. The Civil War Trust has acquired and preserved 365 acres of the battlefield. You can learn more about the Battle of Richmond here!

At United Way of the Bluegrass, we are proud to work with the men and women of Madison County to make a difference across the Bluegrass, including our incredible Madison County Board of Trustees!

During the last fiscal year:

Your support through financial gifts and volunteer time help to make an impact in the following organizations that serve Madison County:

Agency Partners:

  • Apprisen

  • Arbor Youth Services

  • AVOL

  • Bluegrass Council of the Blind

  • CASA of Madison County

  • Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Lexington

  • Child Care Council of Kentucky

  • Child Development Centers of the Bluegrass

  • Girl Scouts of Kentucky's Wilderness Road Council

  • God's Outreach Madison County Food Bank

  • GreenHouse17

  • Growing Together Preschool

  • Jubilee Jobs of Lexington

  • Kentucky Equal Justice Center

  • Kentucky River Foothills Development Council

  • Kidney Health Alliance of Kentucky

  • Nursing Home Ombudsman Agency of the Bluegrass

  • Telford Community Center YMCA

  • The Hearing & Speech Center

  • The Nest - Center for Women, Children and Families

  • Visually Impaired Preschool Services

  • YMCA of Central Kentucky

Stay tuned as we take a closer look at volunteers and an organization in Madison County.

Do you have any other fun facts about Madison County? Share with us on Facebook!

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