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Get to Know UWBG: Scott County

As a part of a blog series, we are featuring one of the counties United Way of the Bluegrass serves each week.

Last week, we featured Madison County. This week, let’s get to know Scott County!

Scott County was named for General Charles Scott, a Revolutionary War hero and the fourth Governor of Kentucky. The County consists of three cities: Stamping Ground, Sadieville and Georgetown, which is the county seat.

Established in 1817 under the name Herndonsville, Stamping Ground was renamed in 1834. Its current name comes from the sound of hundreds of buffalo waiting to drink from Buffalo Springs. The parents of the notorious bank and train robbers Frank and Jesse James were married in Stamping Ground in 1841.

Sadieville was formed in 1879 and named after Sadie Emison Pack, a hostess to construction engineers working on the Cincinnati Southern Railroad line. A notable resident of Sadievillee was James Baker Hall, an author, photographer and former Poet Laureate of Kentucky. Sadieville was formerly the largest market for shipping yearling mules and colts in the United States.

The city of Georgetown was originally named Great Crossings after the traveling buffalo herds. However, in 1790, the name changed to George Town in honor of President George Washington. Chartered in 1829, Georgetown College became the first Baptist college west of the Allegheny Mountains. Georgetown is the fastest-growing city in Kentucky and is home to the largest Toyota Manufacturing Plant in the world. Toyota offers tours of the plant where visitors are able to see the automobiles being built. Click here to take a virtual tour!

At United Way of the Bluegrass, we are proud to work with the men and women of Scott County to make a difference across the Bluegrass, including our incredible Scott County Board of Trustees!

During the last fiscal year:

Your support through financial gifts and volunteer time help to make an impact in the following organizations that serve Scott County:

Agency Partners:

  • American Red Cross, Bluegrass Chapter

  • Ampersand

  • AVOL Kentucky

  • Bluegrass Community Action Partnership

  • Bluegrass Council of the Blind

  • Child Care Council of Kentucky

  • Community Action Council

  • Elizabeth's Village

  • Gathering Place Mission

  • Girl Scouts of Kentucky's Wilderness Road Council

  • GleanKY

  • GreenHouse17

  • Growing Together Preschool


  • Jubilee Jobs of Lexington

  • Kidney Health Alliance of Kentucky

  • Legal Aid of the Bluegrass

  • Mentors & Meals

  • Nursing Home Ombudsman Agency of the Bluegrass

  • Kentucky Equal Justice Center

  • Paris-Bourbon County YMCA

  • Scott United Ministries - Amen House

  • The Hearing and Speech Center

  • The Nest - Center for Women, Children and Families

  • The Salvation Army

  • Visually Impaired Preschool Services

  • YMCA of Central Kentucky

Stay tuned as we take a closer look at volunteers and an organization in Scott County.

Do you have any other fun facts about Scott County? Share with us on Facebook!

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